Sourcing Trips

Sourcing Trips

The difference between a successful product business and one that is struggling lays in the sourcing.

Master sourcing is key to your success.

Product Sourcing Trips are the best way to find unique profitable products to sell online. It’s the best format to browse thousands of quality items, meet and negotiate with vendors and fill the pipeline with product ideas. IN one week you can line up a year or more’s products to launch and sell. It’s also a much more efficient way to organise packaging and shipping.

Product Sourcing trips with Sophie aren’t all at the trade shows. We do coaching before leaving to get clear on what you’re looking for, how to scan for products and how to negotiate. We teach you local business customs and cultural norms so you are professional and respected when doing business. We also build in social time with other like minded entrepreneurs with market trips, sight seeing, group dinners and much more.

The networking and time with the other coaches who support these trips give you knowledge and contacts for a lifetime. We balance work and fun to create an unforgettable experience and leave you self sufficient to go out and source your own products from anywhere around the world.

Sophie Infront of Taj Mahal