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Sourcing Trips

Join a group of like-minded store owners as we travel to exotic locations to source unique and profitable products that your competitors can’t copy!

“Extremely productive trip, will make investment back many times over.” Deb Cummins

“It was a great trip and the company of the group was terrific.” John Cunningham

“this is a fabulous opportunity to find quality products, with a magnificent team behind you, to help and guide you along the way. Loved it.” Sara Glenwall

“Worth doing, a bonding and buying experience to navigate and be successful at Amazon ecommerce.” Carly Stevenson

If you’ve reached this page, it’s because you’re serious about growing your online store… and you know that sourcing unique, profitable and hard-to-rip-off products is the best way to do that.

Our product sourcing trips will take you on an exciting adventure to exotic new places where we’ll find untapped products, reliable suppliers, make friends and have fun growing our businesses together.

What’s included in our Product Sourcing Trips?

Each trip consists of a maximum of 60 store owners, with 1 expert coach to every 10 store owners within the group.

Everything from airport transfers to hotels, training and social activities are fully planned for you, so all you have to do is book your flights and we’ll take it from there.

Your product sourcing trip includes:

Sophie Infront of Taj Mahal


1. Online product sourcing training modules so you can be ready to do business when you arrive
Before we take off, let’s make sure you hit the ground running by understanding the products and suppliers. You’ll learn world class negotiation skills and cultural etiquette needed to do business overseas and develop strong relationships with suppliers. Expert speakers will be delivering world-class training during the trade show on shipping, packaging, local sourcing agents, inspection companies and more. Some of this training will be live webinars, some video trainings to do in your own time. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to make your product sourcing trip a success, so that nobody comes home empty handed.

2. Fully planned itinerary
We’ll arrange your airport transfers, find the perfect hotel for the group to share, and guide you through obtaining visas and trade show registration. We negotiate big discounts for our group stays and know the best hotels and resorts that will take your breath away, while being conveniently located near the best tourist attractions and trade shows. We also like to have the whole group together so we can travel as a group and socialize at meal times, over drinks etc.

3. On the ground support
With guided tours, we’ll take you around the trade show where my team and I will show you how to spot, negotiate and secure your profitable product orders. At the end of each day, we’ll have group meet ups, debriefs and a chance to get feedback on your products and negotiations. We want you to finish the week with dozens of product ideas!

4. Social and Cultural time as a group
You’ll enjoy plenty of downtime and social activities including shared meals, drinks, a group banquet and sightseeing tours to the best the region has to offer. These social activities are completely optional but highly valuable experiences you’ll never forget, and a chance to make friendships you’ll cherish for life!

5. Goodie bag with all the tools of the trade we use for successful sourcing trips
We’ll keep this as a surprise for when you arrive! You’ll love how much time and money these tools will save you, keeping you organized and helping you squeeze out way more from your trip than you ever thought possible.

6. Follow up post-trip
We’ll follow up with you upon your return home from the trip, to make sure you have everything you need to implement and make the most of the opportunities you’ve uncovered.

7. Access to our private Facebook group
Make friends, talk shop or shoot the breeze with the rest of the group members before, during and after your trip.
In short, we’ll handle the logistics so that you feel safe, have fun and find profitable new products to sell from your store!

“The Trade Fair was huge and almost overwhelming but it was a great place for hands-on learning. Sophie’s was very generous in her product recommendations. They were great! We learnt a lot from Sophie and Christine. Christine was especially helpful in going through our proposed products.”
Sam and Phil Mckinsey

This could be the trip that changes your life forever…

  • Visit some of the most beautiful countries in the world.
  • Uncover profitable products that can be sourced directly and sold from your store.
  • Build strong relationships directly with suppliers.
  • Learn to successfully source products overseas in the safety of a group.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a planned itinerary including airport transfers, accommodation, sourcing excursions, trade show bookings, plus extra sightseeing trips too!
  • Get hands-on support from expert mentors during your trip, helping you select the right products and suppliers.
  • Eat together, enjoying local cuisine and delicacies with fellow store members as a group.
  • Socialize and network with ambitious people, while making amazing memories and forming new friendships.

Just one trip will provide you with many strategies, insights, contacts and high profit products that you can sell without any of the competition. You’ll walk away with the knowledge and resources to source fantastic products from anywhere in the world, grow your online store, and take home amazing memories that will last you a lifetime.

“I really enjoyed the variety, quality and beauty of the products available from the vendors. There was so much to see, it took a couple of days to start being able to focus in on a few areas. The opportunity to network and consult with a whole range of like minded individuals was also invaluable”
Anna Godwell

“I came away with 20 products”
David Carrick

Interested? Then here’s what to do next…

Spaces are strictly limited to a small number of people, which means I need to screen and pre qualify each applicant before we proceed with the booking process. Find out if you qualify, learn more about the upcoming trip and how to secure your spot by sending me here.

My team will call you and at the end of the call, you’ll have an opportunity to ask us anything before we proceed.

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To fun adventures and profitable product sourcing ahead…