Maybe you are where I was five years ago. Dissatisfied with the day job. Frustrated with the dead loss waste of time and money commuting and working so hard for someone else. Paying a fortune in childcare and missing time with my own children.

The tipping point was when the nanny sent me photos to my phone of her day at the beach outdoors having fun with my kids while I was at my desk at work. Instead of being happy they were all having fun I felt so sad it wasn’t me in the picture.

I did not want to just create another ‘job’ that keeps me flat-out and unable to scale or have a great lifestyle.The effective hourly rate after all of that commuting, overtime and extra email clearing in the evenings and weekends just isn’t that good a deal for you. Perhaps like me you always fancied running your own business but aren’t sure where to start.

I then came across the Amazon private label business model that changed my life. Just three years into the Amazon journey, I am confident I have truly mastered the Amazon platform. I sold one 18 month old account for 7-figures USD and my sales are cranking.

Sophie Howard

I also had a second Amazon business for sale less than a year later – the value of a house as a cash lump sum is very nice and a total game changer. I left my day job after 12 months of selling on Amazon. This has allowed us to move house to the most idyllic small town where we’ve always wanted to live and raise our children skiing, biking and spending time outdoors. The town we moved to, Wanaka, is in the New Zealand National Park and the average house price is over a million dollars. Being a small resort town means there is not a hint of a normal day job to be found. These are the things I’d dreamed of and in fact apart from the house in Wanaka most of the things I enjoy need freedom. All the money in the world doesn’t always give you the right to enjoy your free time and family like this Amazon business model does.

So now I’ve been able to enjoy an amazing lifestyle through Amazon, I’ve been fortunate enough to help other people reach the same stage. Through seeking support as they started their business they’ve been able to launch global brands, travel the world sourcing products, resign from their day jobs and some of my coaching clients are even earning 7-figures a year! They all started out with having amazing and unique products.

The power of sourcing the right product from the right place changed everything in my life.

Whether you sell on online, be it on Amazon, Shopify or Etsy or offline via a brick and mortar store, I can show you where to source unique products that no one else will be able to copy at the click of a button.

If you also want to find high profit margin products that nobody else is selling, we can help you. I know how and where to source unique, high quality products with no competition, high profit margins, and from suppliers who have your best interests at heart. Click on the link below and we can have an obligation free call to discuss further!