About Us

About Us

My name is Sophie Howard and I am a 7-figure Amazon seller and online business coach. I help entrepreneurs source profitable products, build premium brands and sell their online businesses. I have previously sold two Amazon businesses, one for 7-figures USD and currently building my third global brand.

I have created Product University and the Amazon Navigator as online training to help online sellers source profitable products, follow a step by step process and get up and selling fast on Amazon. We have created a“done for you” services to help you get results faster.

I also invite our students to join me on Trade Show trips around the world sourcing unique products to sell online. I teach a very different approach to product selection, sourcing and making sure your Amazon business is resilient, profitable and sellable.

My model is about finding profitable products that are difficult for other sellers to find or copy. I see lots of Amazon sellers sourcing products from Alibaba and obvious online sites, meaning if you’re doing this you have no real, lasting point of difference with your product.

Sophie Howard

I’ve found a place to find amazing products that still give profits of tens of thousands of dollars every month 5 years later!

The secret is in the sourcing.

In my free training I can show you where I go to look for unique products, how I work with suppliers and how I’ve been able to build and sell 6 and 7 figure ecommerce brands online.

Whether you sell on Amazon, Shopify or Etsy, there are tips in this training on product sourcing that will give you real profits from unique products that no one else will be able to copy at the click of a button.